Easy Home Made Breakfast Toast

  Easy Home Made Breakfast Toast Everyone has their own version of this recipe, but it is an excellent  breakfast, lunch or dinner option, especially good with sausages, ham or bacon, or topped with Fruit and Syrup!

Electric transportation for Eco friendly transportation environment.

  People in cities and small towns all over the  globe use small powered electric vehicles. For many people the use of an electric scooter or bike is a good source for getting around town.

Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds

Blue Sky Valley oil painting created in 2019  Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds Abstract oil painting, small painting with deep blue connections to  Mountains and Valleys. The sky is lit up with beautiful white clouds as a lone dark tree stands to the side in observation of all.

Deep in the woods Rests a very dark forest

 Swamp Dreams at Midnight acrylic painting

Green Circle of Hopeful Dreams abstract acrylic painting

Green Circle of  Hopeful Dreams  acrylic and watercolor painting to inspire working together for a healing process.  A common goal of focused positive light where nature is asked to be kind to those of us in her world on planet earth.

Edge of Clarity Forest acrylic painting and poem

 Edge of  Clarity Forest  acrylic painting

Poem called Create a Smile.

Poem called Create a Smile Create a smile during the day, Share something nice with What you can say.  Gemstar

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