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Drifting over the mountain peaks A new day begins The yellow sun seeks

Dream Walkers Pathway
Drifting over the mountain peaks A new day begins  The yellow sun seeks
Dreams of tomorrows  yet to begin
Past the low valleys New days to win

Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaks Dream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.

 Dream Garden abstract acrylic painting
Rocky Red Dream Poem Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaksDream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.Quietly waiting over the rocky red terrainDarkness overcome, Shadows lost in the windNew Dreams to hatch New ideas to begin

Cobalt Mountain

Cobalt  Mountain  acrylic painting
High Peaks of Blue Going on forever Into the Sky above Calm and Peaceful Seas of Cobalt Deep Mysteries of Love

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills  abstract micro oil painting
Bright yellow light weaves into the crimson evening sky. Sleek Hills below are dark silhouettes of mystery. The sun sets on this moment in time Peaceful quiet for the human mind.
Painted on 2.5 x 3.5" Artist Quality Paper
Paintings were hand painted and Signed by Visual Artist @Gemstars
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*colors may vary according to screen **Images are current, no editing, only cropped *images are subject to ©copyright
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Purple Sea Twigs acrylic painting

Purple Sea  Twigs  acrylic painting

Across the Sea acrylic painting

Across the  Sea  acrylic painting

Mountain Tree Path acrylic painting

Mountain  Tree Path  acrylic painting