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Dark hills beneath sunlight poem

Dark hills  beneath sunlight poem Clouds float by a breath taking yellow sunrise. The dark hills beneath have sunlight kisses on the hill tops.

Sun Valley Twig Reach acrylic painting

  Sun Valley Twig Reach acrylic painting Black Dark Twigs reaching up from the bottom of the earth towards the light of the heavens. A beautiful sky alight with the colors of yellow gold.

Brilliant Yellow sunrise on Dark mountains

 Brilliant Yellow sunrise  on Dark mountains  acrylic painting

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills  abstract micro oil painting Quiet night poem Bright yellow light weaves into the crimson evening sky. Sleek Hills below are dark silhouettes of mystery. The sun sets on this moment in time Peaceful quiet for the human mind.

Mystery Blue and Yellow Sea

 Mystery  Blue and Yellow Sea acrylic painting

Sunset at yellow mountain

 Sunset  at  yellow  mountain  acrylic  painting

Dark trees and yellow valley Bursting sky of orange

Yellow  Light  mountain  oil  painting Dark trees and yellow valley Bursting sky of orange 

Light of the rising morning

Yellow Sky and Fields of Dreams Abstract oil landscape painting Yellow Green Dream Poem Dreams floating  growing and developing,  setting their goals to the  light of the rising morning. 

High blue mountains and rolling valleys

Yellow Sunset on Blue Mountains micro oil painting Rolling Blue Yellow Valley poem High blue mountains and  rolling valleys of  yellow and dark blue hues. The sky alight with the shades of yellow  into the night's deep blues.

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