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Moon Rise Mountain Valley acrylic painting and Poem

Moon Rise Mountain Valley Acrylic Painting Moon Rise Valley Poem The moon shines over the valley with crisp beams of white Shining on the darkness with incredible light

Hills mingle freely as trees touch light

 Sunshine Valley Sunrise Abstract landscape oil painting

Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley

 Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley acrylic painting This is an abstract acrylic painting from 2020 that I painted using traditional method of brush and paint.

Sun Valley Twig Reach acrylic painting

  Sun Valley Twig Reach acrylic painting Black Dark Twigs reaching up from the bottom of the earth towards the light of the heavens. A beautiful sky alight with the colors of yellow gold.

Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds

Blue Sky Valley oil painting created in 2019  Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds Abstract oil painting, small painting with deep blue connections to  Mountains and Valleys. The sky is lit up with beautiful white clouds as a lone dark tree stands to the side in observation of all.

Twilight Valley abstract landscape Micro Oil Painting

Twilight Valley abstract micro oil painting 2.5 x 3.5 inches Twilight Valley Poem Through the forest of dark trees Awaits the night and the cool breeze Twilight valley opens to the blue sky Dreamer's paradise with pathways to walk by. Gemstar

Blue Twig Valley

 Blue  Twig Valley  acrylic painting

Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain acrylic painting Top of Grey mountain poem Grey mountain top,  watching over the valleys below. A single tree,  silhouetted  against a cloudy blue sky dancing  in the wind,  as it blows.

High blue mountains and rolling valleys

Yellow Sunset on Blue Mountains micro oil painting Rolling Blue Yellow Valley poem High blue mountains and  rolling valleys of  yellow and dark blue hues. The sky alight with the shades of yellow  into the night's deep blues.

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Original Oil Painting Titled: Calm Sea Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas created by Visual Artist Gemstar

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