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Working together we clear pathways forward in a dark vast universe

Unity is like the shimmer on top of the water, woven together in a beautiful light.  This painting reflects on building and working together for a common good.  Finding light together in a dark place, a light that leads forward as a guiding beacon of hope.

White lights flicker and dazzle the eyes

Magical moment of the sun rising on the lake. #Gemstar #gemstars #iamgemstar #artistsontwitter #VIDEO — Gemstar (@gemstars) February 25, 2021 Unity Lake Poem White lights flicker and dazzle the eyes Together reaching out to an incredible surprise. Blue lake of unity, oneness and light Focused towards common goals that are bright. Rocky pathways lead to this point Mislead pathways found a large disjoint.   Together their light shines brightly in the dark Providing that hope needing that spark. Removing the darkness and hopeless gloom Creating a better tomorrow, getting rid of doom. Transparent dreams unfold together in unity Rebuilding life on earth quickly and naturally. Nothing is written in stone as of yet Never give up because Unity wins this bet.

Abstract figures outlined within the branches

 Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting.  This piece was created and completed  in 2009/10 on a large heavy paper.    There are two birds hidden directly  in the middle of the piece,  abstract figures outlined  within the branches.  They sit perched below the center of direction, where all the branches grow toward the light, and reach to the direction of the light, naturally.  With in the center are two branches that crisscross, the birds are perched above, two owls hiding and waiting, getting ready to head to the light outside the forest. The green hues below represent the forest, all of its amazing colors, the dark branches represent motion and growth, as well as separate entities from the leaves and grasslands. This piece was created to inspire hope and direction. Its always best to focus on the brighter things in life, and aim in that direction, but not to forget about the roots that make all things happen. As they say movement is life,  but don't forget where your roots b


Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies