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Twisted Tree Storm abstract acrylic painting

  Twisted Tree Storm abstract acrylic painting Light over Dark poem Dark and black did the land appear Waves on earth felt storms be near Twisted tree trunk and branches flow Clouds of doom overhead no rainbows Light under the clouds pure and strong Branches reach out hoping they belong Storm of light and darkness in nature Resulted in light over dark being greater.

Mountain Tree Path acrylic painting

 Mountain  Tree Path  acrylic painting

Sunset Tree Dancers

Sunset  Tree  Dancers  acrylic  painting  

Twig Tree Blue mountain dreams

 Twig  Tree  Blue  mountain dreams  acrylic  painting

Twisted Tree Storm

 Twisted  Tree  Storm  acrylic  painting

Unity Tree abstract Watercolor Painting for unity between many different places from the same root.

Unity Tree abstract Watercolor Painting  created about 10 years ago on heavy paper. This is a large painting, still in my collection, and has significant value to me.  I sensed a need for unity between many different places from the same root.   This unity was to protect the ones we love from whatever lay wait in the dark. There are 4 purple hearts inside the middle of each of the 3 twig clusters. Purple hearts representing the ancient ones who brought us here. The center is a round circle of love and peace.  This is the earth, the color is warm, but it is home. There are green leaves that surround the entire tree like a wall, with a spiritual aspect and a spiral at its base. I just paint what I see, and back in or around 2010, this was what I saw. I share it in detail with you now :)


Purple Northern Lights with Trees

Crimson sky and rolling pink hills

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Jade Valley forming a pathway

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Blue Spheres flying over moon light waves

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