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Walk in the sunshine can be a great uplifting experience.

Get outside for a bit of sunshine, anytime you can. Small amounts of daily sun time helps you get a good dose of  Vitamin D. This is a vitamin your body needs,  it is good for your health. However, there's more to gain than just vitamins,  Sunshine simply can lift your spirits. Sunshine helps to brighten up things,  setting a new perspective on the moment. Take a walk in sunshine for a great uplifting experience. Sensing your surroundings of nature and all its beauty,  while the sun warms you, can't help but improve one's overall mood. Celebrate life's positive gift of sunshine. Embrace the warmth, comfort and healing aspects that it offers. Just a few minutes a day is good. Too much sun without proper protection, can be a problem. (look into sunscreen options for outdoor activities) Improve your mood by stepping into the sunlight. It can be very effective when dealing with stress or downer times. So get outside and enjoy the sunshine whenever possible.

Light that is shining through the dark storm clouds above

 Sunshine Valley Sunrise Abstract landscape oil painting The sun wakes  the valley with  yellow light. Light that is  shining through the dark  storm clouds above.

Sunshine Waves acrylic painting

 Sunshine  Waves  acrylic painting


Purple Northern Lights with Trees

Crimson sky and rolling pink hills

Home baked bread is absolutely delicious

Coffee Cookies with Chocolate Chips

Jade Valley forming a pathway

Beautify your inner soul with a healthy happy outer glow!

Blue Spheres flying over moon light waves

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