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Put carbon back into the soil

 Change the climate with reversed carbon! New studies have shown that if you till the soil, carbon is released. Tilling the soil disrupts the carbon and releases it. This makes the planet hotter. Top Crop Soil needs nutrition. Planting seeds on untilled soil provides nutrition for the top crop. Stop Tilling, plant directly on top the soil, without tilling. Tilling releases carbon. Put carbon back into the soil to slow down the climate heat.

Geothermal Energy

    Geothermal Energy for heating Geothermal Energy is developing for heating buildings or structures. Geothermal energy is a type of energy generated from the heat of the earth. The planet has water or steam that is carried up to the earth's surface. The heat can be kept stored and used for a clean energy resource. Many construction projects developing today are considering the addition of Geothermal Energy as their  source of heating. Water steams up to the surface and can be harnessed for heating or cooling. There is a difference between Geothermal energy and Thermal energy. Geothermal energy is derived from the Heat that planet earth provides. Thermal energy is very different from  Geothermal energy and should not be confused.

The wind offers a solution for renewable energy

  Wind is another option for a renewable energy resource. There is also a significant amount of Wind Energy  now being generated through various devices. Wind Energy options can offer a great solution  as it can generate a large amount of energy. Developments are underway for wind energy to be used on a broader scale. Several countries already use wind for a renewable energy source, many  studies have been conducted on the validation of its use. The wind offers a solution for renewable energy. Finding new solutions for renewable energy that is both,  Affordable and Available to people  around the globe is important.

Why was there thunder and lightning in the lab

 Why was there thunder and lightning in the lab? The scientists were brainstorming! ☺


Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies