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Purple Summer Sunset Poem

Sea moon acrylic and ink painting Purple Summer Sunset Poem Warm night  on the  summer time sea Twigs  reaching out  to the windy waves  across the beach Swaying  back and forth  like an  intoxicated dance Purple waves  rolling in  to meet the  largest branch Mingling  together  in the setting sun Night time  moments  have just  begun. Gemstar

Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley

 Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley acrylic painting This is an abstract acrylic painting from 2020 that I painted using traditional method of brush and paint.

Purple haze over black mountain top

 Purple haze  over  black mountain top  acrylic  painting

Unity like a sea that flows

Purple Sea of Unity Poem Unity like a  sea that flows Twigs of darkness  give way to the light

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Purple Summer Sunset Poem