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Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth, abstract painting.

Dream Rise Acrylic Painting and Poem Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth. Cynical branches lifting new dreams up high. The sunrises and begins a new day. Dreams rise up into the yellow light. Chasing away the darkness of earth and night.

Dream Garden acrylic painting and poem by Gemstar

 Dream Garden abstract acrylic painting Rocky Red Dream Poem Dark volcanic valley  Sharpest high peaks Dream buds held  carefully  Peacefully at rest in  the twigs. Quietly waiting over the rocky red terrain Darkness overcome, Shadows lost in the wind New Dreams to hatch  New ideas to begin

Poem and Painting created by Visual Artist Gemstar

Ancients poem Woven together through the process of time. Ancients from the past, genetic souls combined.

Top of the Falls watercolor painting and Poem

Top of the Falls watercolor painting Poem called Starting the Day In the morning  When you start Reach  for  Success  with  ALL of  Your  Heart.

Goals set with words of hope

 Poem called New Beginnings New Beginnings  for all around Goals  are set New Dreams  are Found

Whispers with in the mind.

Poem called Whispers. Whispers  Felt  Within  the  Mind Harmonious  Moments  a  Cherished  Line.

Time for the forest of sleep to awake Morning is here and new dreams to make

Dream Forest Sunrise abstract acrylic painting Forest of dreams poem  White orbs of hope glide  past the darkest of nights

Lightning Strike on Stormy Seas

Lightning Strike on Stormy Seas acrylic painting Lightning Strike on Stormy Seas poem Rolling waves on the sea night, Crashing sounds of thunder, Lightning strikes. White caps on water, Stormy clouds brew. Incoming weather, For the Seas of Blue.

The twilight moon poem

Steps to the Moon oil painting The twilight moon poem  Moon light  pokes over top  mountain peaks Twilight blues  does this hour  seek Morning far off  darkness yet to come Across the lake  where light had begun. Silent trees  standing tall in near dark   Blues glimmer  white light caps water rolling forward Night time  arriving soon All is quiet Patiently  Awaiting  The twilight moon

Unity like a sea that flows

Purple Sea of Unity Poem Unity like a  sea that flows Twigs of darkness  give way to the light

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