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Enjoy ducks as peaceful way to spend time

Enjoying the ducks as they flock together  is a peaceful way to spend time. Ducks gather all over in small groups. This photo is of a bunch of ducks waddling around looking for something to eat. They are digging through the  snow covered grass for food. The lake water is choppy and  an empty bench signals  the coast is clear  for food pillaging!

Peaceful Elk moment in the Mountains

Peaceful Elk moment in the Mountains The photo taken of this amazing Elk is  one of the most peaceful images to view. Feel the quiet solitude and peace sweeping over the cold mountain tops.  Small bushes of wild plants adding touches of  yellow and light greens.  Sweet grasslands for this strong male elk.   The Elk stands paused overlooking the environment he is in, waiting, making a decision on which direction to go next. A gift from nature and the wonderful photographer who took this image.

Prioritize and enjoy the moments shared together

Smart Phones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops,  all of these interfere with the ability for people to communicate in person. If you try setting aside the screens, it is a little odd at first,  but your communication skills will improve, and so will your relationships. Family or friends who gather in small groups over holidays  and events have a great opportunity to start encouraging verbal talking. The need to talk face to face instead of sharing air space is important. Put down the screens and turn off the TV and Computer,  look each other in the eye, and listen to what you each have to say. This can be a major benefit for so many areas of life,  as communicating is how we interact and connect for different projects and solutions. Working together as friends, family and partners is how things are accomplished.  Communication is more than just a great email  or text sent to someone, its also important to  share physical time with each other as well.   When you do, making it a  priority to listen

When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place.

Tall Green Grass Blades abstract acrylic painting When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place. Focus on your original reasons and see if they still apply to what is going on in your life currently. Change or reestablish new goals if need be, set them realistically, and once reached take a moment to do something special for yourself. Set another goal, and continue until larger goals have been reached from the completion of the many smaller goals. In the end you may be surprised at how many goals you have reached. Developing a new goal and adding new goals to your daily life is a great way to get things done. Stay focused, you will get there, just take it one step at a time.

Unity Tree abstract Watercolor Painting for unity between many different places from the same root.

Unity Tree abstract Watercolor Painting  created about 10 years ago on heavy paper. This is a large painting, still in my collection, and has significant value to me.  I sensed a need for unity between many different places from the same root.   This unity was to protect the ones we love from whatever lay wait in the dark. There are 4 purple hearts inside the middle of each of the 3 twig clusters. Purple hearts representing the ancient ones who brought us here. The center is a round circle of love and peace.  This is the earth, the color is warm, but it is home. There are green leaves that surround the entire tree like a wall, with a spiritual aspect and a spiral at its base. I just paint what I see, and back in or around 2010, this was what I saw. I share it in detail with you now :)


Purple Northern Lights with Trees

Crimson sky and rolling pink hills

Home baked bread is absolutely delicious

Coffee Cookies with Chocolate Chips

Jade Valley forming a pathway

Beautify your inner soul with a healthy happy outer glow!

Blue Spheres flying over moon light waves

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