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Jade Valley forming a pathway

Jade Valley abstract landscape Oil painting on Canvas Jade Valley Poem Grass is moving in the wind the sky is light and mountains blue. Beautiful pathway of green fields leading to the base of the hills Forming a pathway from me to you. Created between 2009 - 2012

Trees of yesterday left long ago Before and After

Before and After  abstract landscape oil painting on canvas Before and After poem There they stood in the side of the woods Trees of yesterday left long ago  forgotten as things should Sky has changed color to a crimson blue Green hills of depths rising towards the light Waiting for another day to return after the night.

Dream garden abstract landscape painting

Dream Garden oil painting on canvas Abstract landscape with red and black mountain tops. White dreams of light growing on spindly branches. Grasped tightly and held carefully in a hot garden. The mountain tops are volcanic and  cover the landscape with a rocky red terrain.   But the dreams keep on budding and make way for the day they can fly. Eventually the mountains cool enough and the dreams grow large and strong enough to develop into what they are to be.

Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting

Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting Acrylic painting created in 2009 - 2010 on heavy paper Large piece of abstract animal art. Two owls outlined together within the branches over looking the light and natural direction for flight. Beneath circle bright poem Branches and twigs direct the forest to light. Two owls outlined  with in the branches perched beneath  circle bright. Bold calming lights floods the warming sky.  While swaying green grasslands await the newcomer's  eye.

Magic Mountains morning sunrise

  The painting has a brilliant sunset coming up through a wide mountain pass,  almost as if it was a field of snow, hit by light. The brilliance of the sunlight heads up to the sky,  turning into tense hues of yellow, tangerine, orange, red and crimson. The sky colors are all weaved together with blue and dark mountains,  where valleys flow as if they are an endless stream. This painting took a long time to come into full completion  but was definitely a wonderful surprise when finished. The sun always rises to waken the morning, kissing the darkness good bye.

Featured oil painting titled: Connections

  Connections   Abstract Oil Painting on 3 Panels Each painting is of a twisted dark tree Reaching out to the other heading toward the light The colors of purple flow  and surround them in a unified storm against the dark. Clouds billowing around as the sun is burning off the fog. The beauty of the blue sky beneath peaks through the swirling clouds. All happening as the sunlight  clears a new pathway of hope. This painting was created in between 2008 - 2010 Painted with brush freehand on 3 separate 8 x 10 Inch Panels This painting is from a series of tree paintings created during the same time. Painted and Signed by  Visual Abstract Artist Gemstar

Beautiful Green Canyon oil painting

Green Canyon  Oil Painting on Canvas Created 2018-2019 Spring time and butterflies Flowers that line the rocky pathway Greens that boldly shine Canyon so deep you can't see the bottom Noway to get to the other side Only for the beautiful creatures that fly

Featured micro art painting Red and Yellow flowers with long stems

Featured Painting Red and yellow flowers with long stems Red and Yellow flowers with long stems poem There was a wind that pushed them towards the road, Fleeting stems with tops of yellow and gold Impressive flowers that  stand tall and bright A perfect union of  dark and light.

Light that is shining through the dark storm clouds above

 Sunshine Valley Sunrise Abstract landscape oil painting The sun wakes  the valley with  yellow light. Light that is  shining through the dark  storm clouds above.

Lost in slumber Dreams of bliss Sunrises over Pink mountain mist

 Lost in slumber  Dreams of bliss Sunrises over  Pink mountain mist Dark twigs embrace the New dreams to take place Along the road to understanding A new journey may be demanding Yet somehow the golden glints of hope still shine Leaving the past and the darkness of despair,  Far behind

Drifting over the mountain peaks A new day begins The yellow sun seeks

 Dream Walkers Pathway Drifting over the mountain peaks A new day begins  The yellow sun seeks Dreams of tomorrows  yet to begin Past the low valleys New days to win


Purple Northern Lights with Trees

Crimson sky and rolling pink hills

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Jade Valley forming a pathway

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