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Moon Rise Mountain Valley acrylic painting and Poem

Moon Rise Mountain Valley Acrylic Painting Moon Rise Valley Poem The moon shines over the valley with crisp beams of white Shining on the darkness with incredible light

Twig Tree Blue mountain dreams

 Twig  Tree  Blue  mountain dreams  acrylic  painting

Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain acrylic painting Top of Grey mountain poem Grey mountain top,  watching over the valleys below. A single tree,  silhouetted  against a cloudy blue sky dancing  in the wind,  as it blows.

Dark trees and yellow valley Bursting sky of orange

Yellow  Light  mountain  oil  painting Dark trees and yellow valley Bursting sky of orange 

Mountain Tree Path acrylic painting

 Mountain  Tree Path  acrylic painting

High blue mountains and rolling valleys

Yellow Sunset on Blue Mountains micro oil painting Rolling Blue Yellow Valley poem High blue mountains and  rolling valleys of  yellow and dark blue hues. The sky alight with the shades of yellow  into the night's deep blues.

Deep Mysteries of Love

  Cobalt Mountain  acrylic painting Cobalt Blue Poem High Peaks  of Blue Going  on forever Into the  Sky above Calm and Peaceful Seas of Cobalt Deep Mysteries of  Love

Purple haze over black mountain top

 Purple haze  over  black mountain top  acrylic  painting

Natural mountain pathways

 Natural  mountain  pathways  acrylic painting

Ice Mountain and Twigs

 Ice Mountain  and Twigs  acrylic painting

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