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Prioritize and enjoy the moments shared together

Smart Phones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops,  all of these interfere with the ability for people to communicate in person. If you try setting aside the screens, it is a little odd at first,  but your communication skills will improve, and so will your relationships. Family or friends who gather in small groups over holidays  and events have a great opportunity to start encouraging verbal talking. The need to talk face to face instead of sharing air space is important. Put down the screens and turn off the TV and Computer,  look each other in the eye, and listen to what you each have to say. This can be a major benefit for so many areas of life,  as communicating is how we interact and connect for different projects and solutions. Working together as friends, family and partners is how things are accomplished.  Communication is more than just a great email  or text sent to someone, its also important to  share physical time with each other as well.   When you do, making it a  priority to listen

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. Dale Carnegie

 Most  of the  important things  in the world have been  accomplished  by people who have  kept on trying when there  seemed to be  no  hope at all. Dale Carnegie 

When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place.

Tall Green Grass Blades abstract acrylic painting When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place. Focus on your original reasons and see if they still apply to what is going on in your life currently. Change or reestablish new goals if need be, set them realistically, and once reached take a moment to do something special for yourself. Set another goal, and continue until larger goals have been reached from the completion of the many smaller goals. In the end you may be surprised at how many goals you have reached. Developing a new goal and adding new goals to your daily life is a great way to get things done. Stay focused, you will get there, just take it one step at a time.

Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth, abstract painting.

Dream Sky Mountain Watercolor and Acrylic Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth. Cynical branches lifting new dreams up high. The sunrises and begins a new day. Dreams rise up into the yellow light. Chasing away the darkness of earth and night. Abstract Acrylic Landscape created on heavy paper with brush, by hand. Painting has watercolor and acrylic mixed through out.  Created in 2018/19  

Spring Butterfly Poem

Spring Butterfly Poem Butterfly Spring Landing  In the Tall Grass Wings spread out,  Long at last. Freedom to fly  Taking off from the Ground Into the sky Sailing all around. New worlds to explore If time permits. Leaves to land on If only for a bit.

Golden Fish Dream Poem

Golden Fish Dream Poem  Golden Fish swishing around in the Stream Past all the Rocks and the Leaves of Green Taking a journey in the waters of life Free from the sounds of grief and strife. Blissful path along the stream Make wishes again and dream.

Take steps towards the things in your life that will be beneficial to you.

Finding the Light at the end of a very long tunnel, can be a challenging moment in your life.   There is a light there, believe it or not, it may seem  far away, but it does exist.   Always continue to take steps towards the things in your life that will be beneficial to you.  Focus on what brings positivism to you, and attract more of it to yourself.  Set goals that are realistic and ones that can be achieved quickly.  Moving is important, always move forward and let go of the past that offers little benefit.   We often cling to what is comfortable, don't, let go and take steps toward that light.   Thinking differently helps to continue, don't bombard yourself with what you did previously, instead, let go, and move ahead. Go for it, the light is waiting for you, you will find it. 

Developing Online Connections with others, is a great way to discover something about a person.

Developing Online Connections with others, is a great way to discover something about a person, without placing their physical attributes first. Often times people overlook the value of another by placing a priority on what their physical appearance displays. There is much more to a human being than what is on the outer shell or body.  Texting or connecting on line allows you to grasp a sense of someone’s personality, their humor, ideas, concerns, goals and many other traits that may be overlooked. Having problems making new connections? Taking the time to get to know someone before meeting in person can save you time and energy.  There are many ways to connect with people using today’s on line meeting and connecting spaces. They range from dating sites to a variety of social media web spaces. Finding someone that is best for you is important. Make a list of what you are looking for, is it new friends in your local area or perhaps a new relationship for romance. If friendships are what


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