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Early morning over dark mountains

 Early morning  over dark mountains  acrylic painting

Evening Sky

 Evening  Sky  acrylic painting

Lost in slumber

 Lost in slumber poem Lost in slumber  Dreams of bliss Sunrises over  Pink mountain mist Dark twigs embrace the New dreams to take place Along the road to understanding A new journey may be demanding Yet somehow the golden glints of hope still shine Leaving the past and the darkness of despair,  Far behind

Dusk at Cobalt Lake

Dusk  at Cobalt Lake  acrylic painting  

Crimson Northern Lights and Twigs

 Crimson Northern Lights  and Twigs  acrylic painting

Waking dream sunrise

 Waking Dream sunrise  acrylic painting

Brilliant Yellow sunrise on Dark mountains

 Brilliant Yellow sunrise  on Dark mountains  acrylic painting

Blue Twig Valley

 Blue  Twig Valley  acrylic painting

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills  abstract micro oil painting Quiet night poem Bright yellow light weaves into the crimson evening sky. Sleek Hills below are dark silhouettes of mystery. The sun sets on this moment in time Peaceful quiet for the human mind.

Mystery Blue and Yellow Sea

 Mystery  Blue and Yellow Sea acrylic painting

February Sunset on the Sea

 February Sunset  on the Sea  acrylic painting 

Drifting over the mountain peaks

 Dream Walkers Pathway poem Drifting over the mountain peaks A new day begins  The yellow sun seeks Dreams of tomorrows  yet to begin Past the low valleys New days to win

River stream with hills and trees micro oil painting by Gemstar Visual Artist

River stream with hills and trees   This tiny piece captures the movement of a river stream  as it glides past dark trees against a beautiful blue sky. Micro Oil Painting on 2.5 x 3.5 inch Paper

Sunset at yellow mountain

 Sunset  at  yellow  mountain  acrylic  painting

Sunset Tree Dancers

Sunset  Tree  Dancers  acrylic  painting  

Twig Tree Blue mountain dreams

 Twig  Tree  Blue  mountain dreams  acrylic  painting

Tangerine Sunrise

 This painting is an  abstract titled Tangerine Sun Rise Created with acrylic paint.

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