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Forest of New Dreams

 Forest of  New Dreams  acrylic  painting

Edge of Clarity Forest acrylic painting and poem

 Edge of  Clarity Forest  acrylic painting

Twilight Valley abstract landscape Micro Oil Painting

Twilight Valley abstract micro oil painting 2.5 x 3.5 inches Twilight Valley Poem Through the forest of dark trees Awaits the night and the cool breeze Twilight valley opens to the blue sky Dreamer's paradise with pathways to walk by. Gemstar

Swamp Forest Light

 Swamp Forest Light  acrylic painting Swamps are intense with mystery, full of all types of different trees, and deep dense waterways. They are some of the most important ecosystems in the world and should be respected. I love the various mysteries in the swamps, their is a beauty that can be found no where else.  

Magical moment of light bouncing from dream buds

  Midnight Forest Dream Path   acrylic painting In this painting I saw a clearing in the middle of a well treed forest. The time was midnight and a magical moment of light bouncing from dream buds held up by dark branches and twigs.  

Beautiful green valley unfolding into an endless sea of blues and greens

 Edge of the Forest acrylic painting on paper. In this piece, I saw a beautiful green valley unfolding into an endless sea of blues and greens.   The trees at the Edge of the Forest paused in awe.   The sky wisp past as the wind blows. 

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