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Vintage fashion clothes and your artistic self expression.

Vintage fashion clothes and  your artistic self expression. The industry of vintage fashion clothes has become very popular over the past several years. 

The BASICS in Fashion for Men.

Men are learning to create their own Wardrobe and fashion styles. Fashion tips can help your over all appearance which creates a more confident style. Building an important wardrobe and having a great

Milan is thought of as the original fashion capital

One of the first fashion capitals of the world is Milan. Milan is thought of as the original fashion capital, since the 16th century. However, there are now more fashion locations such as Paris, London, Rome or  New York. Fashions can be pricey, having a Louis Vuitton for example,  might be out of your budget.  Guccio Gucci was born in Italy, and the brand Gucci was created around 1921. Having a Gucci bag is a sign of status for many people, still to this day.  A Gucci bag can be in many price ranges, usually several hundred to several thousand dollars.  Although many industries have evolved to a less expensive market. Fashion seems to continue to hold a strong value today.

ELEVATE Your STYLE Insightful Fashion tips

HOW TO ELEVATE YOUR STYLE | 11 TIPS Amazing tips about how to increase your style options. Positive concepts to elevate your style to a new level. Created a new look with these amazing fashion tips!

Wearable Fall Shoe Trends Fall Fashion Trends

Wearable Fall Shoe Trends | Fall 2021 Fashion Trends These are some awesome tips about Fall Fashion Trends for Shoes! Finding the right shoes can be imperative to your everyday look and comfort. Fall fashion shoe trends can make a significant impact on your style!

How the Fashion Industry Needs to Change | Good Morning Vogue

How the Fashion Industry Needs to Change | Good Morning Vogue An honest talk as to how the fashion industry needs to change. People have changed, life in the fashion industry has also changed, and learning to move ahead, find new direction and ways of doing things, is what the fashion industry desperately needs to do. Informative and honest Vlog from Good Morning Vogue.

Fashion trends Fall/Winter 2021-2022: great season!! ǀ Justine Leconte

Fashion trends Fall/Winter  2021-2022: great season!! ǀ Justine Leconte

Fashion has been a part of our expression since the middle ages

People have been using their clothing as  a sign of social status since the middle ages. We began using fashion as statements a very long time ago, and since then the fashion industry has evolved worldwide. The historical designer Charles Frederick Worth was the first person  to have his labels sewn into his clothing line. One of the oldest French Fashion houses  in the world is Hermès, which originated in 1837 by Thierry Hermès.  Fashion has been a sign of wealth,  status and personal expression. The fashion world has evolved to create  beautiful works of fashion art and expression. Fashion brands create their garments  with great details and effort. Finding clothing and fashions that work  with your personality and make you feel  positive is what matters most.

80s clothing trends are having a comeback!

According to the latest in several of the Fashion news articles out there,  80s clothing trends are having a comeback! Yes it is true, get out the scarves, comfy clothes and the over sized 80's style boyfriend jacket.  Dress for comfort and style, get peaceful about your attire.  Colors such as yellow and black seem to be having a great effect, with large bags and high boots! Basically it is up to you, but look around for those fun items to wear, bring back a few old style jackets and spruce them up with boots, big bags and a gorgeous yellow scarf! Study what people wore in the 80s and put together your own vintage look. It is a lot of fun to dress in style and it is never to late to begin adding new pieces to your wardrobe!

Fashion expression on a tight budget

Fashion expression on a tight budget is easier to do than you think. Find fashions that are both suitable to your style and your budget. Express your fashion style with a blend of new and used clothing. Fashion expression is to share what you reflect in your about you. Wearing a mix of new and used  clothing items to create your fashion statement is a wonderful way to express your style. Many people all over the world create their fashion statement through the blend of new and used clothing. Your expression of self is about you, not the items you are wearing. It is perfectly acceptable to blend the new and the old, especially when it comes to expression of your creative artistic fashion self. 

Fashion Trends for 2021 include the comfy look.

Fashion Trends for 2021 include the comfy look. Wearing over sized coats and adding a fun jumpsuit for going about your daily life can make things sparkle!  Fashion has become more relaxed with a focus on styles from the past which gives us many options for creating a great look. Rainboots and black facemasks have become popular but as seasons change, adding new pieces to your wardrobe can boost your spirits.   Treat yourself to a new top or comfy pair of pants.  Go with a laid back look with flair. Pastel colored scarves have a tendency to dress up any plain jacket.   Glamorize yourself with colors that work for you and have fun!

Fashion evolved into expressive and artistic market

Fashion has evolved into a wonderful expressive and artistic market.  People love to invest in nice clothing, bags, jewelry and more to  help enhance their expression. Status still exists with in the fashion industry, not like it once did. Fashion has evolved to a place where anyone can make an expression  with their sense of  fashion style. Having a fashion style is to have a reflection of your personality. You share your fashion style through a visual creation, and allow yourself to be the format of display. Be you, and express how you see yourself in a positive light ,  for best fashion expression.

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