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Twilight Valley abstract landscape Micro Oil Painting

Twilight Valley abstract micro oil painting 2.5 x 3.5 inches Twilight Valley Poem Through the forest of dark trees Awaits the night and the cool breeze Twilight valley opens to the blue sky Dreamer's paradise with pathways to walk by. Gemstar

Evening Sunset on Dark Lake

 Evening Sunset on Dark Lake  acrylic painting created on paper. Painted by hand from memory of the night sky full of brilliant orange and pink hues with a dark lake reflecting light.

Early morning over dark mountains

 Early morning  over dark mountains  acrylic painting

Waking dream sunrise

 Waking Dream sunrise  acrylic painting

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills

Yellow and crimson sky over dark hills  abstract micro oil painting Quiet night poem Bright yellow light weaves into the crimson evening sky. Sleek Hills below are dark silhouettes of mystery. The sun sets on this moment in time Peaceful quiet for the human mind.

Deep Blue night sky and tall dark trees

Deep Blue night sky and tall dark trees abstract micro oil painting Dark trees that stand in awe to the beautiful night unfolding Many shades of blue mingled together, perfect and bold Timeless wonders of space and vision

Red Northern Lights Painting and Poem

Red Northern Lights  poem Flickering Red lights beam upward  in the darkness of night Raging shades of deep  northern lights in red Black hills rising like a  tide over a dark wavy bed The painting is an oil painting  and reflects on the  beauty of contrasting colors. Red sky dancing at night  with black mountains and hills rolling  in the foreground. Vibrant in color,  small but has a large impact.

Sunrise over dark lake oil painting and Light of Glory Poem

 Sunrise over dark lake oil painting Light of glory poem Darkest of night  black as soot

Dream Garden acrylic painting and poem by Gemstar

 Dream Garden abstract acrylic painting Rocky Red Dream Poem Dark volcanic valley  Sharpest high peaks Dream buds held  carefully  Peacefully at rest in  the twigs. Quietly waiting over the rocky red terrain Darkness overcome, Shadows lost in the wind New Dreams to hatch  New ideas to begin

Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley

 Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley acrylic painting This is an abstract acrylic painting from 2020 that I painted using traditional method of brush and paint. There are bold hues of Purple with deep dark hills in the valley below.  Brilliant bursts of light through out the purple sky.