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Hard times do not create heroes. It is during the hard times when the hero within us is revealed

Hard times do not create  heroes.  It is during the hard times  when the  hero  within us  is revealed.  Bob Riley

Poem called Whispers.

Whispers  Felt  Within  the  Mind Harmonious  Moments  a  Cherished  Line.

Poem called Taking Steps.

Poem called Taking Steps If you take a Step and Fall Don't Worry This has been done by All. It is all about taking that first step Sometimes you fall Sometimes you don't Be guaranteed  Everyone falls down It is rising up  again that counts.

Poem called Starting the Day.

Poem called Starting the Day In the morning  When you start Reach  for  Success  with  ALL of  Your  Heart.

Goals are set with words of hope

 Poem called New Beginnings New Beginnings  for all around Goals  are set New Dreams  are Found

Gain the most From what You Learn

Poem called Learning Gain the  most  From what  You  Learn Not just  What is  Gained  From  What is  Earned.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

  The best way to  predict  the future  is to  create it.  Peter Drucker

Poem called Give Thanks.

Poem called Give Thanks Give Thanks for those who Put YOU First and always AVOID being  Their Worst.

When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place.

Tall Green Grass Blades abstract acrylic painting When your goals seem far away, sometimes its best to pause and remember why you set them in the first place. Focus on your original reasons and see if they still apply to what is going on in your life currently. Change or reestablish new goals if need be, set them realistically, and once reached take a moment to do something special for yourself. Set another goal, and continue until larger goals have been reached from the completion of the many smaller goals. In the end you may be surprised at how many goals you have reached. Developing a new goal and adding new goals to your daily life is a great way to get things done. Stay focused, you will get there, just take it one step at a time.

Poem called Future Dream Creators.

Poem called Future Dream Creators Future  Dream Creators Now  and  Forever more Give Life  to  New Beginnings and Directions for  The Poor.

Poem called Focus on your goals.

Poem called Focus on your goals Focus  on  your  Goals  and  Tasks Keep  your Visions Clear  to  Last

Golden Fish Dream Poem

Golden Fish Dream Poem  Golden Fish swishing around in the Stream Past all the Rocks and the Leaves of Green Taking a journey in the waters of life Free from the sounds of grief and strife. Blissful path along the stream Make wishes again and dream.

Take steps towards the things in your life that will be beneficial to you.

Finding the Light at the end of a very long tunnel, can be a challenging moment in your life.   There is a light there, believe it or not, it may seem  far away, but it does exist.   Always continue to take steps towards the things in your life that will be beneficial to you.  Focus on what brings positivism to you, and attract more of it to yourself.  Set goals that are realistic and ones that can be achieved quickly.  Moving is important, always move forward and let go of the past that offers little benefit.   We often cling to what is comfortable, don't, let go and take steps toward that light.   Thinking differently helps to continue, don't bombard yourself with what you did previously, instead, let go, and move ahead. Go for it, the light is waiting for you, you will find it. 

Developing Online Connections with others, is a great way to discover something about a person.

Developing Online Connections with others, is a great way to discover something about a person, without placing their physical attributes first. Often times people overlook the value of another by placing a priority on what their physical appearance displays. There is much more to a human being than what is on the outer shell or body.  Texting or connecting on line allows you to grasp a sense of someone’s personality, their humor, ideas, concerns, goals and many other traits that may be overlooked. Having problems making new connections? Taking the time to get to know someone before meeting in person can save you time and energy.  There are many ways to connect with people using today’s on line meeting and connecting spaces. They range from dating sites to a variety of social media web spaces. Finding someone that is best for you is important. Make a list of what you are looking for, is it new friends in your local area or perhaps a new relationship for romance. If friendships are what

Poem called Create a Smile.

Poem called Create a Smile Create a smile during the day, Share something nice with What you can say.

Coconut Oil is An amazing oil to use for creating and eating

Coconut oil or copra oil is an edible oil that is used for many purposes.  This is a brief bit of information that you may find very interesting! Coconut Oil is also great when heated and added to popcorn in place of butter.  A bit of salt with the oil makes for a sweet and delicious treat! It is not always a great idea to consume a lot of coconut oil,  but it is an edible oil and has been used in a variety of food products.  The main part of the coconut called the meat is where the oil is extracted from.  But the process is a little tricky and only mature coconuts are used for the oil. Due to coconut oil having a high amount of saturated  fats it is a slow oxidizer which means it is long lasting and resistant to spoiling quickly. The harvesting of the coconut is very important,  it is not an easy process and requires skill to get the oil at just the right time.  Poorly harvested oil can result in poor quality products.  This oil has been popular for a very long time and  makes up for

Poem called Stillness.

  Poem called Stillness In the stillness Of the dark Hope Will find a Tiny Spark.

Poem called The Unknown.

  Poem called The Unknown Reaching into the  Greatest unknown Steps of faith  Discovered Brightly  Shine  When You realize You are not alone.

Poem called Seasons.

Poem called Seasons Seasons  Change and Moments  Pass but NOW  is the  Time that Always Lasts

Poem called Tomorrows Ground.

Poem called Tomorrows Ground Tomorrow is a wonder Today is right now Moments of life  Speaking Volumes of sound Blue are the seas Following the spar of a bow Finding events of today In tomorrows  Firm ground


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