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Smoky Blue Mountains micro oil painting!

Smoky Blue Mountains abstract micro oil painting 2.5 x 3.5 inches! Layers of blue and smoky haze in these mountains. Trees that line its view, and all the shades of blue.

Cloudy blue sky and hilly green grasslands

Cloudy blue sky and hilly green grasslands abstract micro oil painting Celebration of Spring poem Green grasslands that shine in the spring Wispy clouds that bounce sing Cloudy blue sky floating in song Breath taking beauty all day long Painted on 2.5 x 3.5" Artist Quality Paper

Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds

Blue Sky Valley oil painting created in 2019  Blue Sky Valley Rolling hills and Thunder Clouds Abstract oil painting, small painting with deep blue connections to  Mountains and Valleys. The sky is lit up with beautiful white clouds as a lone dark tree stands to the side in observation of all.

Twilight Valley abstract landscape Micro Oil Painting

Twilight Valley abstract micro oil painting 2.5 x 3.5 inches Twilight Valley Poem Through the forest of dark trees Awaits the night and the cool breeze Twilight valley opens to the blue sky Dreamer's paradise with pathways to walk by. Gemstar

Blue Twig Valley

 Blue  Twig Valley  acrylic painting

Mystery Blue and Yellow Sea

 Mystery  Blue and Yellow Sea acrylic painting

Twig Tree Blue mountain dreams

 Twig  Tree  Blue  mountain dreams  acrylic  painting

Top of the Mountain

Top of the Mountain acrylic painting Top of Grey mountain poem Grey mountain top,  watching over the valleys below. A single tree,  silhouetted  against a cloudy blue sky dancing  in the wind,  as it blows.

Deep Blue night sky and tall dark trees

Deep Blue night sky and tall dark trees abstract micro oil painting Dark trees that stand in awe to the beautiful night unfolding Many shades of blue mingled together, perfect and bold Timeless wonders of space and vision

High blue mountains and rolling valleys

Yellow Sunset on Blue Mountains micro oil painting Rolling Blue Yellow Valley poem High blue mountains and  rolling valleys of  yellow and dark blue hues. The sky alight with the shades of yellow  into the night's deep blues.

The twilight moon poem

Steps to the Moon oil painting The twilight moon poem  Moon light  pokes over top  mountain peaks Twilight blues  does this hour  seek Morning far off  darkness yet to come Across the lake  where light had begun. Silent trees  standing tall in near dark   Blues glimmer  white light caps water rolling forward Night time  arriving soon All is quiet Patiently  Awaiting  The twilight moon

Moon Falls over Blue Canyon

Moon falls over blue canyon Moon Falls poem Deep blue night sky shimmering in moon light Water glistening across water falls Streaming water drops to the canyon worlds below.

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