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Deep in the woods Rests a very dark forest

 Swamp Dreams at Midnight acrylic painting Deep in the woods Rests a very dark forest Surrounded by Twigs and dark lurking waters Light flowing beams  rising over and above Dark waters of the deep Over come by light's love Waking the darkness of a forest of the deep Time to rise again from the long winter's sleep.

Featured Paintings from the Black and White Art Gallery

Featured paintings from the Black and White Gallery of Acrylic Paintings Paintings featured are created with  acrylic paint on paper.

Cobalt Mountain acrylic painting

    Cobalt Mountain  acrylic painting High Peaks  of Blue Going  on forever Into the  Sky above Calm and Peaceful Seas of Cobalt Deep Mysteries of  Love

Green Observers abstract acrylic painting on paper

Green Observers abstract acrylic painting on paper Created 2009 - 2011 Original large acrylic painting. Green Observers painting is a reflection of  how the wooden portion of trees may observe different shades of green surrounding them. Abstraction in nature

Twisted Tree Storm abstract acrylic painting

  Twisted Tree Storm abstract acrylic painting Light over Dark poem Dark and black did the land appear Waves on earth felt storms be near Twisted tree trunk and branches flow Clouds of doom overhead no rainbows Light under the clouds pure and strong Branches reach out hoping they belong Storm of light and darkness in nature Resulted in light over dark being greater.

Edge of Clarity Forest

 Edge of  Clarity Forest  acrylic painting Clarity Poem Clarity makes  so much difference In a world of  dark and lost pathways Light shines onto  the clearest directions Making it ideal for all to observe. Light globes held carefully  by silhouetted twigs A forest of dreams  patiently awaiting their spring

Unity oneness and light focus towards common goals that are bright.

  Blue Unity Light Lake acrylic painting Unity Lake Poem White lights flicker and dazzle the eyes Together reaching out to an incredible surprise. Blue lake of unity, oneness and light Focused towards common goals that are bright. Rocky pathways lead to this point Mislead pathways found a large disjoint.   Together their light shines brightly in the dark Providing that hope needing that spark. Removing the darkness and hopeless gloom Creating a better tomorrow, getting rid of doom. Transparent dreams unfold together in unity Rebuilding life on earth quickly and naturally. Nothing is written in stone as of yet Never give up because Unity wins this bet.

Warm night on the summer time sea

  Purple Sea  Twigs  acrylic painting Purple Summer Sunset Poem Warm night  on the  summer time sea Twigs  reaching out  to the windy waves  across the beach Swaying  back and forth  like an  intoxicated dance Purple waves  rolling in  to meet the  largest branch Mingling  together  in the setting sun Night time  moments  have just  begun. 🌕

Across the Sea acrylic painting

 Across the  Sea  acrylic painting

Mountain Tree Path acrylic painting

 Mountain  Tree Path  acrylic painting

Mystery Blue and Yellow Sea

 Mystery  Blue and Yellow Sea acrylic painting

Sun Valley Twig Reach acrylic painting

 Sun Valley  Twig Reach  acrylic painting

Sunshine Waves acrylic painting

 Sunshine  Waves  acrylic painting

Bright Purple Sky over Dark Valley

 Bright Purple  Sky over Dark Valley  acrylic painting

Dream Forest Buds

 Dream Forest  Buds  acrylic and ink painting

Blue Twig Valley

 Blue  Twig Valley  acrylic painting

Brilliant Yellow sunrise on Dark mountains

 Brilliant Yellow sunrise  on Dark mountains  acrylic painting

Crimson Northern Lights and Twigs

 Crimson Northern Lights  and Twigs  acrylic painting

Dark dream sunrise

 Dark dream  sunrise  acrylic painting

Early morning over dark mountains

 Early morning  over dark mountains  acrylic painting


Purple Northern Lights with Trees

Crimson sky and rolling pink hills

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Jade Valley forming a pathway

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Blue Spheres flying over moon light waves

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