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Trust is built on respect and understanding of each other.

 Honest communication is built on truth and integrity and upon respect of the one for the other.  Benjamin E. Mays I do not know anything about Benjamin E Mays but his words are wise.  Being honest and truthful with each other is one of the only ways to build integrity and respect.  

Develop stronger relationships with people you live with

Develop stronger relationships with  people you live with Smart Phones, TVs, Tablets, Laptops,  all of these interfere with the ability for people to communicate in person. If you try setting aside the screens, it is a little odd at first,  but your communication skills will improve, and so will your relationships. Family who gathers in small groups over holidays  and events have a great opportunity to start encouraging verbal talking. Small family groups means the people you are currently living with. The need to talk face to face is important. Not just through a screen text from the other side of the room. Put down the screens and turn off the TV and Computer,  look each other in the eye, and listen to what you each have to say. Now is a good time to develop stronger relationships with family or people you live with. Our groups may be small but the relationships  we have need to be prioritized in life. Spend quality time with those who are in your life, make the moments you share tog

Developing an online long term relationship

  Online Relationships and Friendships  can and have developed into long lasting and permanent relationships.  Developing a long term relationship online or over the internet needs time for trust and understanding of each other to develop. Learning to trust someone when you can not see them in person, will take time. A solid relationship takes awhile to develop  just the same as if you are offline. There are many ways to communicate  with technology developed over the past decade. Focusing on a solid long term online relationship can be a great help during times of societal disconnection. Each of you decide what to include or not include in your relationship.  There can be intimacy, love, sharing, caring, someone to open up to, have online parties with, spend time exercising together.  Find ways to discover happiness together during your moments shared. Friendship Poem A friend is a friend,  and a love  is a love.  No matter where they are living,  no matter how far apart. Nothing ever

Animals or pets are part of our families

Animals are our friends and pets especially animals like cats and dogs. Our pets have become very important souls to have around. Animals are a part of our families and should be considered when making choices in life. There are many fun aspects to having a pet but they also make great companions. Companion pets are the best friends in the world.  For many people or disabled people animals are trained to help with daily tasks. Blind people have dogs that can see for them.  Dogs are so smart that they can be trained to guide humans and keep them safe. Companion pets like cats and dogs help during lonely times. It is imperative that companion pets be allowed to remain with their human owners. Humans and Animals have been the best of friends since the beginning. Respect for our furry friends and flying creatures is a must. Animals were created on planet earth just like humans were created. However that process took place, they are still our friends and part of our families.

Adapt and create new holiday moments of cheer

Create new holidays within the surroundings you find yourselves. Seriously, any reason for a party, is always fun! Have the most amazing house/home party with those you live with this holiday season. Put out the fine china, hand up the lights, bake something incredible. Light the candles, impress yourself with a clean house, do whatever it takes to create a positive cheerful environment. Holidays can happen no matter what the conditions. Adapting and making changes begins with you. Bring on the Cheer!


Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies