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Gain the most from what you Learn

Poem called LearningGain the  Most
 From  what  You  Learn
Not  just  What  is  Gained 
From  What  is  Earned

Time for the forest of sleep to awake Morning is here and new dreams to make

White orbs of hope glide past the darkest of nights Heading towards a glimmer of light
Valleys to cross with vision that is dim Going back in the darkness is far too grim
Time for the forest of sleep to awake Morning is here and new dreams to make

Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaks Dream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.

 Dream Garden abstract acrylic painting
Rocky Red Dream Poem Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaksDream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.Quietly waiting over the rocky red terrainDarkness overcome, Shadows lost in the windNew Dreams to hatch New ideas to begin

Poem called Give Thanks.

Poem called Give ThanksGive Thanks for those who Put YOU First and always AVOID being  Their Worst.

Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth, abstract painting.

Dream Sky Mountain Watercolor and Acrylic
Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth. Cynical branches lifting new dreams up high. The sunrises and begins a new day. Dreams rise up into the yellow light. Chasing away the darkness of earth and night. Abstract Acrylic Landscape created on heavy paper with brush, by hand. Painting has watercolor and acrylic mixed through out.  Created in 2018/19

Poem called Future Dream Creators.

Poem called Future Dream CreatorsFuture  Dream Creators Now  and  Forever more Give Life  to  New Beginnings and Directions for  The Poor.

Poem called Focus on your goals.

Poem called Focus on your goalsFocus  on  your  Goals  and  Tasks Keep  your Visions Clear  to  Last

Spring Butterfly Poem

Spring Butterfly Poem
Butterfly Spring Landing  In the Tall Grass Wings spread out,  Long at last. Freedom to fly  Taking off from the Ground Into the sky Sailing all around. New worlds to explore If time permits. Leaves to land on If only for a bit.

Pink Sunset Poem

Pink Sunset PoemThe sun was pink, setting on the lake. Cooler waters in the Autumn months.  Brisk but beautiful with the tall dark trees silhouetted against the waves.Winter not far off, clouds floating quickly by, embers of summer months,leaves that straggle behind.

Golden Fish Dream Poem

Golden Fish Dream Poem
 Golden Fish swishing around in the Stream Past all the Rocks and the Leaves of Green Taking a journey in the waters of life Free from the sounds of grief and strife. Blissful path along the stream Make wishes again and dream.

Poem called Create a Smile.

Poem called Create a Smile Create a smile during the day, Share something nice with What you can say.

Poem called Dancing Leaves.

Poem called Dancing Leaves Green leaves dance upon the wind Soft breezes and chills Float over the skin.

Poem called Careful Caution

Poem called Careful Caution Careful caution should be taken When embarking on New Dreams that Awaken

Poem called Diamonds and Triangles.

Poem called Diamonds and Triangles Diamond and Triangles, Squares and Rounds, Always best to find Common Ground

Poem called Stillness.

Poem called StillnessIn the stillness Of the dark Hope Will find a Tiny Spark.

Poem called The Unknown.

Poem called The UnknownReaching into the  Greatest unknown Steps of faith  Discovered Brightly  Shine  When You realize You are not alone.

Poem called Seasons.

Poem called SeasonsSeasons  Change and Moments  Pass but NOW  is the  Time that Always Lasts

Poem called Tomorrows Ground.

Poem called Tomorrows GroundTomorrow is a wonder Today is right now Moments of life  Speaking Volumes of sound Blue are the seas Following the spar of a bow Finding events of today In tomorrows  Firm ground

Poem called Glimmering Reality.

Poem called Glimmering RealityStars shine forever As they sparkle And shimmer In the darkness They create A radiant glimmer Dawn brings New light Of reality and truth Fears faced with  Bold honesty without  Being aloof.

Poem called Focused Thoughts.

Poem called Focused ThoughtsQuench eager desires That time overlooks Focus now on warm moments That ambition forsook Today can encompass Distinguished thoughts from afar Delightful bridges Of memory A fusion Of lore.