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Artificial Intelligence Ethics

  The cost to setting up an A.I. can be pricey, however, offers a high return rate, but what of the ethical side for using the A.I. Where does it gain its knowledge for human ethics and responsibility? In my opinion the next stage of the A.I. depends on who is at the programming helm.  Artificial Intelligence needs to be used responsibly. It is always important to keep A.I. systems programmed correctly and used for the betterment of humans. Not just for financial gains.  New developments for artificial limbs, for example, is one of the human plus sides.  Perhaps a downside might be one lost their position due to being replaced by an A.I.   An A.I. is neither right or wrong, it is the programmer who sets up its results. and the businesses that invest and use them.  The ethical and moral dilemma with the use of A.I., in a sense, resigns with the one who creates it and puts it into play. Fears towards artificial intelligence are warranted in that, some human powered jobs, may be replaced

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies

Artificial Intelligence development progress is ongoing. A.I.s have continued to be created and were developed to help humanity find solutions or offer them assistance. There are strong indications Artificial Intelligence is moving, quickly but not as fast as people may think.   Primarily,  we use them for online banking, emails and in levels of tech many of us do not comprehend. They can learn to play music and become creative and could prove to be extremely useful in future.  When watching a movie, there is a type of human romanticism often cast for the A.I. character, but there is no romance or friendship with a robot. They do not 'feel' but are taught how we feel and interact, so they simply 'copy' and 'appear' as if they 'feel'.  True empathy, in my opinion, exists with in humans or animals and is part of who we are, something we develop over time. Pets appear to really feel glad you are around or sadness for loss, but a robot is still just a code,

The purpose for using A.I.

  The use of A.I. has become a part of daily life. Artificial intelligence is also referred to as A.I. An A.I. is machine generated intelligence as opposed to human or animal generated. We use artificial intelligence to compliment our human experience and speed things up. This is especially helpful when it comes to financial institutions, like when we do our banking online. Online banking has become extremely important over the past few years,  especially with the pandemic and new stay at home times.  In future the A.I. developments with other types of resources will increase.   Banking, emails and online assistance is just the beginning.  Currently Artificial Intelligence is able to observe and learn from humans, which in turn helps us find future solutions.

Businesses will embrace the time saving efforts of A.I.

  Business and Artificial Intelligence should be considered when making new choices in business.  A.I. assists us in tasks where people make mistakes, reducing the amount of errors. Other benefits of an artificial intelligence is an A.I. is available twenty four hours a day. The ability for an A.I. to reduce repetitious tasks in the work place or business, is extremely valuable. Artificial Intelligence is always available to help every day with digital assistance. The A.I. is Fast when it comes to making a choice in the moment, where humans may hesitate. Artificial Intelligence saves time and costs when preforming tasks. There is very little time lost from an A.I. break down, as they work uninterrupted, so there is no downtime. Artificial Intelligence will increase work efficiency, and provide a more accurate result. The A.I. provides a smooth intellectual function between computers and machines.  In future, the A.I. will replace many human tasks, which may speed things up, but also le

Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence

 Deep Learning for an A.I. is a function where the Artificial Intelligence is able to learn on its own.  This type of learning is done through a process of becoming similar to a human brain and make decisions based on observations that it is exposed to.   Machine Learning is another term used, however, some consider it a subset of  Deep Learning. The reason that this type of learning is important is an A.I. can learn to solve complex problems.   Solutions are provided to humans from the A.I.  Once the A.I. has learned it can help discover solutions for issues and technology in future.

A basic way to describe an A.I.

What is Artificial Intelligence, a question asked by many people all over the world. A basic way to describe an A.I. is that is is a type of code programmed to assist people. The Artificial Intelligence is programmed to think like people and to mimic things we do. Machines are also A.I.s and help people to accomplish tasks. There are several types of A.I.s but basically they are all machines or codes  programmed by humans for the benefit of humans.  Artificial Intelligence is going to require a great deal of research and development as it continues moving forward.