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Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Brighten up your day by incorporating positive and brilliant colors into your vision.Its incredible how good you will feel by hanging on the wall pretty images that inspire your view.
This is a great way to take a mini 30 second vacation during work.Especially if you are working at home.
Surround yourself with images that help you feel good inside.Keep your mood light and encourage your inner creative side.
Any type of imagery will work, original art, photographs, prints, and interesting objects.Aline yourself with what inspires you, not what drags you down.This can be a major benefit to your mind and help relieve a bit of stress. 

Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaks Dream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.

 Dream Garden abstract acrylic painting
Rocky Red Dream Poem Dark volcanic valley Sharpest high peaksDream buds held carefully Peacefully at rest in the twigs.Quietly waiting over the rocky red terrainDarkness overcome, Shadows lost in the windNew Dreams to hatch New ideas to begin

Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth, abstract painting.

Dream Sky Mountain Watercolor and Acrylic
Dreams rising from the dark slumber of earth. Cynical branches lifting new dreams up high. The sunrises and begins a new day. Dreams rise up into the yellow light. Chasing away the darkness of earth and night. Abstract Acrylic Landscape created on heavy paper with brush, by hand. Painting has watercolor and acrylic mixed through out.  Created in 2018/19

The sun always rises to waken the morning, kissing the darkness good bye.

Magic Mountains morning sunrise
Painted in 2019, this painting just popped up out of my mind.  I saw an amazing flow of mountains, with rocky terrains and scattered trees and  did my best to paint it with oil paints, a brush and a canvas. The painting has a brilliant sunset coming up through a wide mountain pass,  almost as if it was a field of snow, hit by light. The brilliance of the sunlight heads up to the sky,  turning into tense hues of yellow, tangerine, orange, red and crimson. The sky colors are all weaved together with blue and dark mountains,  where valleys flow as if they are an endless stream. This all seemed extremely magical,  and the Yellow M that shines in the sky above the first mountain peak,  clarified it for me. This painting took a long time to come into full completion  but was definitely a wonderful surprise when finished. I still have this painting in my collection,  the image was taken from my phone,  the colors remain brilliant and bold.  No adjustments or …

Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting is where all the branches grow toward the light, and reach to the direction of the light, naturally.

Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting. This piece was created and completed in 2009/10 on a large heavy paper.  There are two birds hidden directly in the middle of the piece, abstract figures outlined within the branches. They sit perched below the center of direction, where all the branches grow toward the light, and reach to the direction of the light, naturally. With in the center are two branches that crisscross, the birds are perched above, two owls hiding and waiting, getting ready to head to the light outside the forest.The green hues below represent the forest, all of its amazing colors, the dark branches represent motion and growth, as well as separate entities from the leaves and grasslands.This piece was created to inspire hope and direction. Its always best to focus on the brighter things in life, and aim in that direction, but not to forget about the roots that make all things happen.As they say movement is life, but don't forget where your roots began.The pai…

Learning how to Draw – Brief Drawing Lesson by Gemstar

Learning how to Draw – Brief Drawing LessonDrawing is the beginning to almost all paintings and designs.Learning how to draw helps you understand the structure of a painting.It also helps teach you perspective and contrast lighting.Most people can learn how to draw, it is a process like any other that we learn.Processes such as learning how to read and write, in learning to draw, this process also takes time.Not only does it take time, it takes effort and consistency to develop your skill levels.The more you draw, the better you will get at it.Materials you will need to begin a graphite or pencil drawing:PencilPaperEraserObject for drawing ( apple, orange, mug or similar in size)To begin, start by learning how to draw a still life drawing.  This is where you create a drawing of the object that you have selected.Once you have all of your materials gathered, find a comfortable space that is relaxing and allows you an opportunity to focus.Kitchen tables work well, as do desks or flat boa…