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Clarity with direction makes the day much simpler.

  Clarity with direction makes the day much simpler.  These two waddling ducks  seemed lost and far from  the local creek.

Remember to spend time enjoying things in life.

 Funny and silly animal help put a fun spin on life! Ha ha,  sometimes I even  crack myself up! ☺

Each of our moments count

Animals are creatures that, like us, are a part of Nature. They inspire us and make us smile,  give us unconditional love  and dedication. Each of our moments count,  even for only a fragment of time,  enjoy them. 

Enjoy ducks as peaceful way to spend time

Enjoying the ducks as they flock together  is a peaceful way to spend time. Ducks gather all over in small groups. This photo is of a bunch of ducks waddling around looking for something to eat. They are digging through the  snow covered grass for food. The lake water is choppy and  an empty bench signals  the coast is clear  for food pillaging!

Remember you can relax and enjoy life just like your animal friends do

Cats have an amazing perspective on life.  Resting when needed,  exploring on a daily basis  and cuddling when they like to.  Over all, cats make a great companion  and have a wonderful way of living their lives. Cats are not the only animals that remind us to take life one step at at time, pets of all animal types can do the same. Remember you can relax and enjoy life, just like your animal friends do. It is perfectly alright to have a bit of chill time  to appreciate the world around you and the life you are living.

Animals or pets are part of our families

Animals are our friends and pets especially animals like cats and dogs. Our pets have become very important souls to have around. Animals are a part of our families and should be considered when making choices in life. There are many fun aspects to having a pet but they also make great companions. Companion pets are the best friends in the world.  For many people or disabled people animals are trained to help with daily tasks. Blind people have dogs that can see for them.  Dogs are so smart that they can be trained to guide humans and keep them safe. Companion pets like cats and dogs help during lonely times. It is imperative that companion pets be allowed to remain with their human owners. Humans and Animals have been the best of friends since the beginning. Respect for our furry friends and flying creatures is a must. Animals were created on planet earth just like humans were created. However that process took place, they are still our friends and part of our families.

Peaceful Elk moment in the Mountains

Peaceful Elk moment in the Mountains The photo taken of this amazing Elk is  one of the most peaceful images to view. Feel the quiet solitude and peace sweeping over the cold mountain tops.  Small bushes of wild plants adding touches of  yellow and light greens.  Sweet grasslands for this strong male elk.   The Elk stands paused overlooking the environment he is in, waiting, making a decision on which direction to go next. A gift from nature and the wonderful photographer who took this image.


Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies