Artificial Intelligence Ethics

The cost to setting up an A.I. can be pricey, however, offers a high return rate, but what of the ethical side for using the A.I. Where does it gain its knowledge for human ethics and responsibility?

In my opinion the next stage of the A.I. depends on who is at the programming helm. 

Artificial Intelligence needs to be used responsibly. It is always important to keep A.I. systems programmed correctly and used for the betterment of humans. Not just for financial gains.  New developments for artificial limbs, for example, is one of the human plus sides.  Perhaps a downside might be one lost their position due to being replaced by an A.I.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics
An A.I. is neither right or wrong, it is the programmer who sets up its results. and the businesses that invest and use them.  The ethical and moral dilemma with the use of A.I., in a sense, resigns with the one who creates it and puts it into play. Fears towards artificial intelligence are warranted in that, some human powered jobs, may be replaced in the work force. However, many people feel the benefits far out weigh the risks involved, as we move ahead with an Artificial Intelligence future.


Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

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