On-line spaces are equivalent to off-line spaces regarding business and social practices

Social media and business go well together. As you grow your business with the use of social media, you might find some of these tips helpful.

When at first you gain a new follower, resist the urge to be pushy about your business to your new found connection.

Instead, create a solid connection by learning about who they are first. Set your ambitions aside until the time is right, then share ideas and concepts about your business. 

Share positive aspects about you to your new social friends. It is much easier to gain friends by always keeping a positive attitude.

Leave your negative attitude outside of your social spaces. Bring the good forward, show the better side of who you are, be the example of not becoming the very things you dislike.

On-line spaces are equivalent to off-line spaces regarding business and social practices.

What you say on-line reflects about the person you are off-line.

With the current direction of business moving on-line, good manners count at all times.

You do not want to miss out on an opportunity due to past actions that were less then tasteful.

Resist the urge to push your business to your new followers. Instead, first learn about them and develop a connection.

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