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Abstract figures outlined within the branches

 Natural Direction abstract acrylic painting. 

This piece was created and completed
 in 2009/10 on a large heavy paper.
There are two birds hidden directly 
in the middle of the piece, 
abstract figures outlined 
within the branches. 

They sit perched below the center of direction, 

where all the branches grow toward the light,

 and reach to the direction of the light, naturally. 

With in the center are two branches that crisscross, 

the birds are perched above, two owls hiding and waiting, 

getting ready to head to the light outside the forest.

The green hues below represent the forest, all of its amazing colors, 

the dark branches represent motion and growth, 

as well as separate entities from the leaves and grasslands.

This piece was created to inspire hope and direction. 

Its always best to focus on the brighter things in life, 

and aim in that direction, but not to forget about the roots that make all things happen.

As they say movement is life, 

but don't forget where your roots began.

The paint used is acrylic, several layers to obtain brilliant bold colors. 

Painting with acrylic is nice as the paint dries quickly 

and layers can be painted again with in a few hours or a day, generally.

This piece took about 2 weeks to complete with much attention given to the branches, twigs and abstract bird silhouettes. 

It is still a part of my collection today.