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A star shines bright above this wilderness at night

Twilight wilderness acrylic painting
A star shines  bright above this wilderness  at night
Twilight casting shades of reds and blues
Under the stars and nestled in  the warm earth
Everything turns purple when the blues and reds merge.
Unity is what this  painting is about.
Recognizing that we all see the  stars at night.
We all share the  same atmosphere and planet.

Morning breaks the day as a primitive time from long ago begins

 Cave Valley acrylic painting
Morning breaks  the day as a  primitive time  from long ago begins.
Life was  different  much more  simpler nothing was  taken for granted.
This painting  reflects on  our origins  as humans.
Where we began  as people on a planet.

Gain the most from what you Learn

Poem called LearningGain the  Most
 From  what  You  Learn
Not  just  What  is  Gained 
From  What  is  Earned

Light that is shining through the dark storm clouds above

Sunshine Valley Sunrise Abstract landscape oil painting The sun wakes  the valley with  yellow light. Light that is  shining through the dark  storm clouds above.

Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Brighten up your day by incorporating positive and brilliant colors into your vision.Its incredible how good you will feel by hanging on the wall pretty images that inspire your view.
This is a great way to take a mini 30 second vacation during work.Especially if you are working at home.
Surround yourself with images that help you feel good inside.Keep your mood light and encourage your inner creative side.
Any type of imagery will work, original art, photographs, prints, and interesting objects.Aline yourself with what inspires you, not what drags you down.This can be a major benefit to your mind and help relieve a bit of stress. 

Time for the forest of sleep to awake Morning is here and new dreams to make

White orbs of hope glide past the darkest of nights Heading towards a glimmer of light
Valleys to cross with vision that is dim Going back in the darkness is far too grim
Time for the forest of sleep to awake Morning is here and new dreams to make

Lost in slumber Dreams of bliss Sunrises over Pink mountain mist

Lost in slumber  Dreams of bliss
Sunrises over  Pink mountain mist
Dark twigs embrace the New dreams to take place
Along the road to understanding A new journey may be demanding
Yet somehow the golden glints of hope still shine Leaving the past and the darkness of despair,  Far behind