Aline yourself with what inspires you and not what drags you down

Crimson Afternoon oil painting Brighten up your day by incorporating positive and brilliant colors into your vision. Its incredible how good you will feel by hanging on the wall pretty images that inspire your view. This is a great way to take a mini 30 second vacation during work. Especially if you are working at home.  Surround yourself with images that help you feel good inside. Keep your mood light and encourage your inner creative side. Any type of imagery will work, original art, photographs, prints, and interesting objects. Aline yourself with what inspires you, not what drags you down. This can be a major benefit to help relieve a bit of stress. 

Electric scooters or bikes a good source of transportation

  People in cities and small towns all over the  globe use small powered electric vehicles. For many people the use of an electric scooter or bike is a good source for getting around town. There are a variety of electric scooter styles out on the market today, some look like cars, with roofs and doors. Electric bikes have also become very popular. The electric bike or scooters that look like bikes are relatively inexpensive. In comparison to a car, an electric bike or scooter is cheaper. The electric bike or scooter is recharged in a short period of time and available for use when needed. Currently, more developments are underway to provide electric transportation. Electric transportation is great for an Eco friendly transportation environment.

Artificial intelligence today is not as portrayed in movies

Artificial Intelligence development progress is ongoing. A.I.s have continued to be created and developed to help humanity find solutions or assistance. There are strong indications Artificial Intelligence is moving quickly but not as fast as people may think.  There are no A.I.s that can over take humanity, as most Artificial Intelligence is at an infancy stage. A.I.s are programmed to do what they are programmed to do. The artificial intelligence we have today is  not the same as what is portrayed in the movies. Basically we use them for online banking, emails and in levels of tech many of us do not comprehend. They can learn to play music and become creative but  not take over the planet. A.I.s could prove to be extremely useful to people in future. Continued investment and exploration into the development  of Artificial Intelligence is a great idea.

Vintage fashion clothes and artistic self expression.

Vintage fashion clothes and artistic self expression.  The industry of vintage fashion clothes has become very popular over the past several years. People make investments into older cloths that are over 20 years or even up to 100 years old. To go 'vintage' is to be of a particular era, to share your expression of self through the older clothing or vintage clothing obtained. Please note that not all clothing that is vintage should be worn, many are investments just for the purpose of investment, and are on displays in museums around the world. Vintage clothing is not second hand clothing, it is totally separate. There is nothing wrong with wearing second hand clothing but it is not the same as a fashion item that is considered vintage. If you love to collect Vintage Fashions, it is a wonderful past time and great way to learn about Fashion History.  Wearing any Vintage clothing should be done so carefully, if at all. But if you do have a few pieces that are a must wear, blend w

Fashion has been a part of our expression since the middle ages

People have been using their clothing as  a sign of social status since the middle ages. We began using fashion as statements a very long time ago, and since then the fashion industry has evolved worldwide. The historical designer Charles Frederick Worth was the first person  to have his labels sewn into his clothing line. One of the oldest French Fashion houses  in the world is Hermès, which originated in 1837 by Thierry Hermès.  Fashion has been a sign of wealth,  status and personal expression. The fashion world has evolved to create  beautiful works of fashion art and expression. Fashion brands create their garments  with great details and effort. Finding clothing and fashions that work  with your personality and make you feel  positive is what matters most.