Swamp Forest Light

 Swamp Forest Light  acrylic painting Swamps are intense with mystery, full of all types of different trees, and deep dense waterways. They are some of the most important ecosystems in the world and should be respected. I love the various mysteries in the swamps, their is a beauty that can be found no where else.   The swamps I paint are from my mind, what I see in the moment, and paint. This one had an unusual light shining at the waters edge, casting a blue glow onto the densely populated trees.

Fitness is imperative for a healthy body

Fitness is imperative for a healthy body.  Finding ways to keep fit while stuck in a small space indoors isn't always easy. Developing a daily routine of exercises can be extremely positive. Set up a time each day, get into a fitness rut, and commit yourself to a daily exercise program.   The best part is that you can develop the exercise program just for yourself and do exercises best for your body.  If you haven't exercised in awhile, don't over do it when you begin. Start with a small exercise work out, maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Stretched those limbs and move those legs, get the blood flowing through out the entire body.  In my opinion, this is going to help you feel great all over. The body is how we get around in life, and taking care of our most important vessel is important. Keep moving and stay fit.

Life is change it always changes from one moment to the next.

The Inguz Rune is an ancient symbol for a time of Fertility. New beginnings and new changes that are created. This can also stand for new birth in life but also in spirituality. Life is change it always changes from one moment to the next. The Inguz symbol brings to mind that we are going to begin something new. A time of starting over, redeveloping and growth. This is a positive symbol that was shared in  Scandinavian and Germanic types of cultures of old.   Today it is celebrated in the  pagan culture as a positive sign of growth and fertility. 

Fashion evolved into expressive and artistic market

Fashion has evolved into a wonderful expressive and artistic market.  People love to invest in nice clothing, bags, jewelry and more to  help enhance their expression. Status still exists with in the fashion industry, not like it once did. Fashion has evolved to a place where anyone can make an expression  with their sense of  fashion style. Having a fashion style is to have a reflection of your personality. You share your fashion style through a visual creation, and allow yourself to be the format of display. Be you, and express how you see yourself in a positive light ,  for best fashion expression.

Make solid choices

You are going to get through this, no matter how bad the road may appear. Everything in nature evolves and changes. What happens now on the earth is because it is going through a change. Just hang on and let it happen, make solid choices and things will all fall into place. You are on a miraculous spinning rock held in place between the stars warmed by a glowing sun spinning together  as one. You are not alone.

Make the positive changes you want in your life, improve your world with new ideas and hobbies.

 What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything.  Vincent Van Gogh It is so important to keep trying new ideas and concepts.   We progress forward by trying things, testing them, and seeing how it can help us in our daily lives.   Feeling stagnant? Try an entirely new thing, maybe a new book, hobby, exercise, recipe, anything.  Notice how a small change like trying something new,  can improve your day, and boost how you are feeling.    I am not a doctor, just a regular human like you, but it has always been my experience, to try something new when things are challenging. By placing my focus into a new hobby or idea, I found that it truly increased my positive perspectives on life. Changes take us forward, the courage you need is always there, it will be there when you begin. Nobody said change was going to be easy, but you have the ability and strength to make it happen.  Make the positive changes you want in your life, improve your world with new ideas and hobbies.